Increase Happiness! Achieve Goals! Dozens of Scientifically Proven Benefits.

Your Wildest Dreams Are Drawn To You Since They're Drawn By You


Drawn Dreams is the solution for attracting more positivity, goals, and dreams into your life. It's your daily manifesting-gratitude journal with no writing required!

You'll flourish from its powerful components of art therapy, mindfulness, gratitude expression, goal setting, intention setting, visualization, and, of course, journaling. Each of these elements has dozens of scientifically proven well-being benefits, from boosting mental health and happiness to decreasing depression and anxiety.

Whether you consider yourself good at drawing or not, you will love Drawn Dreams. By sketching what you're grateful for, it immediately sparks you with a sense of joy. You'll like drawing your dreams as well; this visualization technique helps you attract your desires.

The activities, illustrations, and positive affirmations are designed to inspire and empower you. Drawn Dreams is fun, easy, good for your spirit, and works.

The intention for Drawn Dreams is to boost gratitude expression, therefore, boost joy and help you manifest your dreams.

Enjoy your dreamy "me time."

“Drawn Dreams is the law of attraction, applied.”  

–Dr. Teresa L. DeCicco, Psychology Expert

About The Author

I am a former television journalist, abstract artist, and journalism graduate who loves journalling and drawing my dreams.

This idea, of drawing (therefore visualizing) your blessings and dreams, came through me while I was living in Ireland. I have never been so passionate, inspired and driven; I had to get this idea out there as soon as possible!

After a year and a half of developing Drawn Dreams, I am now so happy and excited I can finally share it with you.

Drawn Dreams is a daily gratitude and manifestation activity book that works wonders for me. It boosts my mood, aligns me, lights up my life, helps me grieve, and helps me achieve my goals. My intention for Drawn Dreams is for this book to light you up as well, I also hope to build a supportive Drawn Dreams community.

You can make this loving investment to yourself and start drawing your dreams with the link below.

Dream BIG, Believe BIG, Live BIG.

Love, Maddie-Jo Anderson