54 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Drawn Dreams Journal


Hi friend! I came across hundreds of brilliant benefits for Drawn Dreams Manifestation Gratitude Journal on the old world wide web. So, I've narrowed my list down to scientifically proven benefits, freshly picked for you from the most reputable source I could find: Psychology Today.

Drawn Dreams is a daily journal with no writing required! It's a fun, creative and unique experience for Goal Setting, Expressing Gratitude, Affirming Positivity, Expressing Art Therapy, Visualizing, Journaling, and Practicing Mindfulness. Below I've grouped each offering, highlighting proven benefits.

My intention for Drawn Dreams is to spread gratitude, therefore, spread joy and to help others attract their goals and dreams.

Please share if you think this mood-boosting, mindfulness, and law of attraction tool would be of help to someone you know.


Goal Setting

Drawn Dreams is a space to reflect and focus on your goals, dreams, and intentions.

bullet,yellow Helps achieve goals

bullet,yellow Increases self-confidence

bullet,yellow Increases motivation

bullet,yellow Increases autonomy/feeling a sense of freedom



Drawing what you're thankful for brings you to the moment and immediately sparks joy inside you. 

bullet,yellow Effectively increases happiness 

bullet,yellow Improves mental health

bullet,yellow Improves physical health 

bullet,yellow Decreases aches and pains

bullet,yellow Reduces resentment

bullet,yellow Reduces frustration

bullet,yellow Reduces regret

bullet,yellow Helps you make friends

bullet,yellow Reduces depression

bullet,yellow Increases sensitivity and empathy toward other people 

bullet,yellow Decreases desire to seek revenge

bullet,yellow Gratitude journals improve sleep: sleeping better and longer

bullet,yellow Gratitude improves self-esteem

bullet,yellow Decreases jealousy

bullet,yellow Appreciate other people’s accomplishments

bullet,yellow Helps to overcome trauma and improve mental strength

bullet,yellow Reduces stress 




Positive Affirmations

With Drawn Dreams, you're encouraged to create positive affirmations: uplifting statements you affirm to yourself. Every several pages there are motivating positive affirmations to empower you. 

bullet,yellow Increases goal achievement

bullet,yellow Promotes healthy behaviour

bullet,yellow Improves work performance

bullet,yellow Improves problem-solving

bullet,yellow Decreases stress

bullet,yellow Increases open-mindedness




Art Therapy

Drawn Dreams allows a canvas space for free self-expression. Often we don’t have the words to express ourselves, so the freedom of doodling to reflect what’s on the inside is a fulfilling experience. I recommend unleashing this playful, creative, high-frequency energy inside you.

bullet,yellow Puts focus on the present moment

bullet,yellow Strengthens self-image

bullet,yellow Increases self-confidence

bullet,yellow Helps describe feelings that words cannot

bullet,yellow Increases positivity




Just like how pro athletes use visualization to attract the perfect outcome in their sporting events, with Drawn Dreams, we're using visualization to attract the perfect outcome to each and every day! 

bullet,yellow Increases chances of achieving dreams

bullet,yellow Increases optimism

bullet,yellow Reduces pain

bullet,yellow Increases happiness, that lasts for months!





Drawn Dreams is a nourishing daily reflection that helps you to appreciate the blessings lighting up your life at that moment. It’s fun to flip back through previous sketches to reflect on and to give you an instant mood booster.

bullet,yellow Reduces stress

bullet,yellow Clarifies thoughts and feelings

bullet,yellow Teaches you about yourself

bullet,yellow Allows you to focus on the present moment

bullet,yellow  Helps you solve problems more effectively

bullet,yellow Resolves disagreements with others

bullet,yellow Improves memory

bullet,yellow Increases feeling of being grounded




With Drawn Dreams, we're focusing on the present moment, with intention. This grounding daily journal is my favourite mindfulness tool, I think you'll appreciate it too.

bullet,yellow Fights diseases

bullet,yellow Decreases anxiety

bullet,yellow Reduces cell damage

bullet,yellow Lengthens our lives

bullet,yellow Improves concentration

bullet,yellow Treats personality disorders

bullet,yellow Treats bi-polar disorder

bullet,yellow Lowers depression

bullet,yellow Decreases pain

bullet,yellow Decreases stress




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