Poem: Drawn Dreams in a Nut Shell

Drive: This loving investment in yourself puts you on the right track. It provides the drive you need to create a great day—a day to be grateful for.

Reflection: A daily reflection that helps you to appreciate the blessings lighting up your life at that moment. It’s fun to flip back through sketches to reflect on and give you an instant mood booster.

Art: Sketching, a form of art therapy, is a great stress reliever. Unleash this playful, high-frequency energy inside you.

Woohoo!! It’s a warm, positive, empowering and uplifting activity for your well-being, making you feel more confident, radiant, and wonderful.

Nourishing: Nourish your soul and your grieving heart.


Discovery: More gratitude will appear. You will discover more and more blessings in your life, on a day-to-day basis.

Refresh: A clear and calming, soul-quenching kick-start to your day.

Educate: Learn more about yourself, what’s important to you, how you can serve others, and what you enjoy. Embrace what you uncover about your authentic self.

Awareness: A self-love and higher consciousness tool to check in spiritually. You’ll feel connected with a sense of oneness. This book encourages you to be present, mindful, and aware of your feelings, energy, and surroundings.

Manifest: Witness and celebrate as your hopes, intentions, and dreams materialize.

Surprise: Allow the big and little gifts, that gratitude brings, surprise you.



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