About the Author

Maddie-Jo Anderson is an actor, a TV broadcast-journalist, journalism graduate, and mindfulness facilitator, who loves to journal. She believes the magic of gratitude and the law of attraction.

The idea for Drawn Dreams Goal-Getting Gratitude Journal came through her while she was living by the sea in County Cork, Ireland.

Drawn Dreams works wonders for her; it lifts her spirit, it brings mindfulness and balance to her life, it helps her grieve the passing of her younger brother Spencer, it helps her achieve her goals, and it brings so much positivity into her life.

To honour Spencer, for every 18 books sold, Maddie-Jo hand delivers a journal to someone in a drug treatment centre. So far Maddie-Jo has already gifted over 300 Drawn Dreams journals.

Maddie-Jo loves public speaking, sharing her story, and conducting Manifesting/Mindfulness Workshops to help uplift and empower others.

After a year and a half of developing this activity book, she is delighted to finally share Drawn Dreams with you.