Drawn Dreams is a scientifically proven solution to attract goals, and positivity, boost mental health, decrease depression and anxiety, and much more.

This fun activity book encompasses Mindfulness, Goal-Setting, Visualization, Positive Affirmations, Gratitude Expression, Journaling, and Art-Therapy (for everyone: My drawing is terrible, but that what adds to the fun!).

You'll flourish from the dozens of scientifically proven well-being benefits of each aspect.

It's a daily empowering journal, for everyone, with no writing required!!

You draw what you’re grateful for, and you draw your goals, and through visualization, they are attracted easier into your life.

It's fun, easy, nourishing for your spirit, and it works.

I'm sharing this activity book to help you draw in more joy, which will automatically and immediately emerge from your gratitude drawings.

With over 130 inspiring illustrations, positive affirmations, and uplifting activities throughout, I have designed this engaging guide to immediately improve your life while keeping your drawings fun and fresh.

My intention for Drawn Dreams is to boost gratitude expression, therefore, boost joy and help you manifest your dreams.