KIDS KORNER: Gratitude Activity

Give yourself a break!

Let your kids hang out and draw with “Cool Camera Man Chase” and I.

All that’s needed is a writing utensil(s), a piece of paper (or your Drawn Dreams journal) and your kid!!

Gratitude expression is proven to increase happiness, decrease depression, increases your life span by 7+ years, as well as countless other psychological and physical benefits. 

Why not share this tool with your kids?

10 Scientifically backed benefits of "Vitamin G" aka Gratitude 

1. Feel better about their lives overall
2. Experience higher levels of positive emotions like optimism, enthusiasm, love, and happiness
3. Are kinder and more generous to others
4. Have fewer physical problems including pain
5. Exercise more regularly and eat healthier
6. Sleep better
7. Visit the doctor more regularly for checkups
8. Feel less stressed
9. Able to cope with stress more effectively and recover more quickly from stressful situations
10. Live longer–on average, being thankful adds 7 years to our lives!