Drawn Dreams Testimonials


-Alex Ramirez, returning client of Drawn Dreams Workshops 



-Michael Lombardi, Conference Organizer, Les Clefs d'Or Canada

Maddie-Jo Hosted Drawn Dreams Workshop at Les Clefs d'Or Conference


Long time Sportscaster Joe Tilley shows excitement as his Drawn Dreams keep coming true.


Kelly Johnston, Actor: recommended Drawn Dreams Workshops to fellow yogis on Facebook.


"I’ve been using this book myself and it gives me the freedom to explore my creativity in the way I am comfortable in doing without any added pressure.  When the book was distributed to the clients I noticed a lot of them using it, enjoying it and were thankful.  I had clients ask for a copy (if they hadn’t already received one) when they noticed others working through the pages.

This book was a great introduction to journaling for clients who may struggle with writing their thoughts on paper, don’t see the point in journaling, or needed more motivation.

The layout of the book is so simple to start writing yet intriguing to those who might want to challenge their creativity.  I think this book is beneficial to everyone; those who want to continue journaling and for those who want to start."

-Prabhi Gill, Counsellor: Renascent Treatment Centre


"One client, during the session, drew about her boyfriend and their relationship. She reported that later that same day, he proposed to her. He had been adamant about not doing this in the past. She was so excited and blown away by the experience!"

-Cynthia Langill, Counsellor: Renascent Treatment Centre


"Drawn Dreams just helped me sell my condo for the exact amount I wanted; all my dreams keep coming true! With using Drawn Dreams each day, I'm a happier, more grateful person."

-Tuckky Kulisara, Pharmacist 


"This journal really helps me with my grieving over the passing of my son."

-Penny-Claire Tillapaugh, Yoga Teacher


"I love that I get to sketch and be an artist everyday! This is a sketchbook that makes me smile."

-Brittany Lengauer, Marketing Manager


Eight year-old Twins, Izzy and Lily, Draw their Dreams and practice gratitude daily; they just love it!




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