Drawn Dreams Workshop

Using the techniques from her mindfulness book and goal-getting gratitude journal "Drawn Dreams", Maddie-Jo will take your group through a fun team-building experience to help your group thrive.

The intention behind these workshops is to:

  • Grow and strengthen relationships in a creative, unique, fun, and engaging way. 
  • Teach and benefit immediately from Drawn Dreams' powerful components of: mindfulness, manifesting, gratitude expression, art-therapy, journaling, visualization, positive affirmations, and intention-setting.
  • Flourish from dozens of scientifically proven well-being benefits: from boosting mental health and happiness to decreasing depression and stress.
  • Help establish and manifest goals, dreams, and intentions in a safe, supported space.
  • Infuse the group with: positive, joyful energy.

What to Expect:

  • Everyone's gifted a Drawn Dreams Journal for continued well-being benefits.
  • Tips on how to use their new mindfulness tool to its full potential.
  • Opening Mindfulness Exercise to shift energy and focus on the present moment.
  • A fun Gratitude Exercise to uplift the environment and break the ice.
  • Drawing our Dreams: a therapeutic visualization technique for goal achievement.
  • Celebration and Positive Affirmation Exercise. 
  • Maddie-Jo brings all the supplies, so just enjoy!
  • You clearly care about your team's mental health and overall wellbeing. Maddie-Jo will be sure to highlight your company in a positive light on social media to Maddie-Jo & Drawn Dreams' 65,000+ engaged followers.



Whether your Drawn Dreams Workshop is in an intimate yoga-studio setting or in a large conference hall, contact Maddie-Jo to craft a perfectly tailored turn-key experience just for you!!

Call now, let's schedule a meet and greet!





-Alex Ramirez, returning client of Drawn Dreams Workshops


-Michael Lombardi, Conference Organizer, Les Clefs d'Or Canada: Maddie-Jo hosted workshop at this conference.


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