Donate a Drawn Dreams to a Treatment Centre

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Give the gift of Gratitude, Mindfulness, Manifesting, Art-Therapy, & Goal-Setting to someone in Drug/Alcohol Treatment!

Buy donating a Drawn Dreams, Maddie-Jo Anderson will personally hand deliver your purchased book to someone in a drug treatment centre. She will also go to the centre and conduct a free, fun, empowering Drawn Dreams Workshop for the entire group. (Before Maddie-Jo visits a treatment centre, she always makes sure she has a signed dream journal for everyone.)

When Maddie-Jo would visit her late brother Spencer in treatment, he would say he was really bored.

This mindfulness tool is a solo activity that will give them something fun, productive, and life-enhancing to do. They can manifest themselves sober and having the life that they do want. It's a form of art therapy, so there are countless benefits to drawing their dreams. Drawn Dreams is scientifically proven to boost mental health and happiness as well as decrease depression and anxiety.

Thank you for your generous gift.